Florida is a pretty great place to live—we think it’s paradise! But even paradise has its hazards. In many parts of Florida, alligators can be a real nuisance. Alligator mating season is coming soon, and locals know that the call of the wild can make these creatures bolder and more aggressive than other points in the year. Homeowners and business owners alike are looking for strategies to keep alligators off their property.

Does Installing Fencing Keep Alligators Out?

Installing fencing on your property seems like a logical way to keep alligators out. With bodies that hug the ground, a fence of any height ought to stop them, right? Well, not necessarily. WhetherCan-alligators-climb-vinyl-fences this strategy will be effective depends on a few factors. Here are two ways alligators can get around certain fences.

Alligators Can Climb Chain-Link Fence

If keeping alligators at bay is your goal, you don’t want to install chain-link fencing on your property. It won’t keep determined alligators out.

It sounds preposterous, but it’s true. Video evidence shows that some Florida gators have figured out how to climb chain-link fencing. Check out this YouTube video taken at the Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers!

Alligators Can Squeeze Under Poorly Built Fences

There’s no real mystery to this one. We’ve all seen dogs do this. An overeager pup can squeeze through a gap in the fence that seems impossibly small if properly motivated. So can alligators, and make no mistake: during mating season, they’re properly motivated.

The Solution? Install Vinyl Fencing to Keep Alligators Out

Fencing can be a great solution to keep the alligators out, but you have to select the right type. Fencing that extends all the way to the ground (or just below the ground level) can help prevent gators from crawling underneath. Fencing that lacks a “grabbable” structure may also prevent them from climbing over. Vinyl fencing is a great option, because it’s long-lasting, secure at the ground, and lacks the claw-holds that chain link provides.

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