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Archive for the ‘Just for Fun’ Category

They all have some wicked cool fences, force fields, and…sharks with frickin laser beams. Yeah maybe the last one doesn’t exactly fit, but it could definitely keep your neighbors dog from pooping in your yard.

Yes, this week we decided to have a little fun and, instead of talk about vinyl fencing, come up with a list of sci-fi fences. We listed them all in this graphic below and decided to call it “Sci-Fi Fences and Force Fields even Vader would appreciate.”  We started with Hunger Games, since that was the first to come to mind, and then decided to get a little crazy adding some “sharks with frickin’ laser beams” from Austin Powers.  The rest are from various movies and shows we could remember. We realize we have not thought of them all and would love to get your input on some of your favorites we may be missing. Leave us a comment, who knows maybe we’ll do a “Sci-Fi Fences and Force Fields Part 2” someday.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Sci Fi Fences and Force Fields from Movies

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My personal favorite was the sci-fi fence from the series LOST. I’m pretty sure its completely sci-fi on all levels and, even with today’s technologies, not even close to possible. Am I wrong? Have you ever encountered any of these types of fencing? Who knows, maybe some army base decided to create a front security gate that rivals “The Black Gate of Mordor” from the “The Lord of the Rings.” Or possibly some crazy rich guy in Dubai who hates camels created an electric fence with enough amps to keep a T-rex away. Reality is these examples of fencing are truly science fiction. Also, chances are no one has figured out how to make a force field surround their house like the “Gungan Shields.”

Well since I’ve shattered you’re dreams by helping you understand that you can’t surround your house with a “Sonic Fence,” or possibly put explosive collars around your neighbors cats. I’d like to offer you today’s latest technology in long lasting fences; vinyl fence. You can request a quote for a beautiful vinyl fence, one you could easily install yourself and doesn’t require gigantic trolls to open the gates, right here on our website. We hope you enjoyed the graphic! Thanks for stopping by.

Why do people choose different types of fences?

Monday, March 26, 2012 10:33 pm

My job has required me to travel quite extensively over the last year and a half.  I am a fence contractor so naturally I seem to notice fencing wherever I go.  My most recent travels to Southern Texas got me thinking, why is there so much wood fence in southern Texas.  It looks great when it is first installed but over time gets warped, discolored, and starts to fall apart.  Being in the fence industry, I know there are other options, and yet, when I visited Texas, all I really saw was wood fence.  When the old fence would get bad, they would just replace the bad section with new wood and this process continues over and over again.

In Arizona, almost all fencing is block masonry fencing.  Other areas such as the east often have no fencing at all in their neighborhoods.  So what makes people choose the fence they do and why is one type of fence predominant in an area?

My thoughts are this; people often choose their fencing because it is what they are used to.  They feel comfortable with it.  I was raised with a father that drove a truck, that was my first vehicle to drive, and I feel comfortable in trucks.  Yes, you guessed it, I drive a truck.  I think fencing is the same way, people get used to a look and feel and change is sometimes hard to swallow, even if it is there are other options that may be more practical for their conditions.  I remember the first time I heard of vinyl fencing.  I said, what is this plastic stuff?  But it really grew on me after I installed it for a homeowner for the first time.  The more I was around it, the more I felt comfortable with it, and now I install thousands of feet of it each week.

In addition to what is comfortable, I believe people choose the fencing that is affordable in their area.  I’m sure that in Texas, wood fence is affordable and readily available, just as I know block fencing is in Arizona.  Each region has different products that are available and more affordable and I am sure this plays a part in why people choose the fence they have.

My observances of new products in new areas are that it only takes a few pioneers to lead the way and others start to follow.  So the next time you see an old wood fence, you will probably think, why did they choose that fence and think of this article.  I know I do.

Moose and Vinyl Fencing in Gustavus Alaska

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 5:19 pm

What do moose and vinyl fencing have in common?  Probably not much other than the owners of Buy Direct Vinyl Fence also run a lodge in Gustavus Alaska. We love our customers from all our businesses and want to take great care of them so if you’re interested in visiting Alaska to tour the Glacier Bay National Park or participate in some world renowned Alaska Fishing, just mention you’re a BuyDirectVinylFence.com customer and we’ll give you a discount.

Twin Moose Crossing the road in Gustavus AlaskaWhy moose?  Gustavus carries the distinction of being the only place in Southeast Alaska where only a short time ago moose outnumbered people 2 to 1. They are not sure exactly where they all came from, since it has only been 40 years since moose have inhabited this small area.  According to Alaska Fish and Game the population in 1998 was around 180 animals, in December 2006 the count was 390; that amounts to 3.8 moose per square kilometer.  Moose aren’t all Gustavus is known for as it also has the longest runway in Southeast Alaska measuring 6700′ long.  It was built during World War Two as an alternative run way to Juneau, where the weather is not as predictable.  However, the only thing predictable about the weather in Gustavus is…. “rainy.”

We might be able to somehow relate moose and vinyl fencing but we’d have a hard time with the other mammal Gustavus is known for, whales.  Point Adolphus, only a few minutes away, is one of the premier places in the world where whales gather in such high numbers.  Along with the popular Humpbacks, other species of whales including Greys, Minkes, and Orcas can be found here; it’s not if you will see whales, just how many.

If that’s not enough to get you to come stay in our Alaska fishing lodge, it would be good to know that Gustavus is also the gateway to The Glacier Bay National park. An incredible place where marine life, glaciers, bears, mountain goats, rare birds, bald eagles and breath taking scenery are all found in abundance.

As you place your order for vinyl fence, don’t forget the moose. Come see us at www.GlacierBayAlaska.com and remember to mention that you are a customer of Buy Direct Vinyl Fence to get your discount.

The Longest Fence in the World – The Wild Dog Fence

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 9:15 am

Hello again vinyl fence blogger(s)! (I’m hoping there are actually more than two of you!)

I’m back with a fun little factoid for all you fence lovers! Did you know that in Southern Australia they built a 5,614 KM fence (that’s 3,488 miles) from Jimbour in Queensland to the Great Australian Bight, separating them from Northern Australia??? They must really hate dingos… or Northern Australians!!! Whichever it is, that’s a mother fence!!! They call it the Wild Dog Fence or Dingo Fence. It’s 6 feet high and goes 1 foot underground, that way them dingos wouldn’t be able to jump over it or dig under it. Too bad we didn’t get contracted to build that fence! With our vinyl fence, it would have been the prettiest outback fence around! Oh well!

Check out the 4 pictures below:

1. Map of the Dingo Fence:


[Image Source]

2. Picture of the Dingo Fence – goes as far as the eye can see:


[Image Source]

3. Another pic of the Dingo Fence:


[Image Source]

4. This Fence not only blocks out the Dingos but has poison bait and traps set all along it:


[Image Source]

This is the first time I have ever even heard of this fence. Does anyone else here have some other great facts about the Dingo Fence?

‘Til next time bloggers!

5 Seriously Ineffective Fences

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:48 pm

Does any of this look all too familiar to you? We’re here to help!
1. Um I think your fence blew over…or I guess if you look closely rusted over.

2. Just leave it down…don’t waste your time putting it back up…you got the right idea. Go get a vinyl fence!

3. Yeah wood doesn’t do so well in the snow.

4. I think there might be some cows running around there so watch out.

5. This must of been from the 1800’s or something….I think its time for a new fence.

Hope you enjoyed the pics everyone…well try and find some more out there. If you have any send em our way or if you’d like send us a before and after of your vinyl fence project and we’ll feature it here on our blog.