Step by Step Instructions on How to Install a Vinyl Fence


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Installing a fence can be a strenuous task, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be. With this step by step infographic, you can install your fence correctly the first time around.

This graphic will take you through every step of the process, including the parts list you’ll need for each panel.

How to Layout a Fence Line

  • Privacy panels come in 2 sizes, be sure that you space your holes to match either the 6’ (71.5” between post centers) or 8’ (95.5” between post centers) panel length.

How to Set in Concrete

  • Different soil conditions and climates require different footing specifications. You’ll need to get professional guidance on your specific area, but in most cases, the post holes need to be 10” wide and 18-24” deep.
  • In frosty regions, longer posts are required to keep your fence firm in the ground.

How to Keep your  Fence Straight and Level

  • Once the holes are dug, the easiest way to set posts in a straight line is by using a stretched string line, from 1 end to the other.
  • Use a level to ensure that the posts are perfectly verticle.

How to Install Bottom Rails

  • Stiffeners provide fence panels added strength and will arrive pre-cut already inside the bottom rail.

How to Install U-Channels

  • Screw U-channel to the posts in between the routed top and bottom holes

How to Insert Pickets

  • Insert the Tongue & Groove pickets into the bottom rail and U-channel starting at one side and working towards the other side.

How to Install Top Rail

  • Insert top rail into one side, then onto the pickets.
  • Pust top rail down until pickets are in place, inside the channel and slide the top rail into the 2nd post hole.
  • Secure rail with screws, inside the posts.

How to Install Post Caps

  • Glue caps onto the top of each post with PVC glue, making sure not to spill or drip glue onto the fence.


Enjoy your new fence, and if you need more information, we’re here for you!