They all have some wicked cool fences, force fields, and…sharks with frickin laser beams. Yeah maybe the last one doesn’t exactly fit, but it could definitely keep your neighbors dog from pooping in your yard.

Yes, this week we decided to have a little fun and, instead of talk about vinyl fencing, come up with a list of sci-fi fences. We listed them all in this graphic below and decided to call it “Sci-Fi Fences and Force Fields even Vader would appreciate.”  We started with Hunger Games, since that was the first to come to mind, and then decided to get a little crazy adding some “sharks with frickin’ laser beams” from Austin Powers.  The rest are from various movies and shows we could remember. We realize we have not thought of them all and would love to get your input on some of your favorites we may be missing. Leave us a comment, who knows maybe we’ll do a “Sci-Fi Fences and Force Fields Part 2” someday.

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Sci Fi Fences and Force Fields from Movies

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My personal favorite was the sci-fi fence from the series LOST. I’m pretty sure its completely sci-fi on all levels and, even with today’s technologies, not even close to possible. Am I wrong? Have you ever encountered any of these types of fencing? Who knows, maybe some army base decided to create a front security gate that rivals “The Black Gate of Mordor” from the “The Lord of the Rings.” Or possibly some crazy rich guy in Dubai who hates camels created an electric fence with enough amps to keep a T-rex away. Reality is these examples of fencing are truly science fiction. Also, chances are no one has figured out how to make a force field surround their house like the “Gungan Shields.”

Well since I’ve shattered you’re dreams by helping you understand that you can’t surround your house with a “Sonic Fence,” or possibly put explosive collars around your neighbors cats. I’d like to offer you today’s latest technology in long lasting fences; vinyl fence. You can request a quote for a beautiful vinyl fence, one you could easily install yourself and doesn’t require gigantic trolls to open the gates, right here on our website. We hope you enjoyed the graphic! Thanks for stopping by.