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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Buy Direct Vinyl sells lots of picket and privacy fences that can be installed around a pool but we only label one style of fence as a vinyl pool fence.  Reason being, we know that you are protecting your most precious possession when you install a vinyl pool fence, and that is your children.  Your fence may look pretty but will it help prevent a child from drowning?

Picket Pool Fence
7/8" x 1.5" Picket Pool Fence
Picket Pool Fence

We have installed thousands of feet of pool fence across the country and we have specially designed this pool fence to keep children safe and your pool secure. Many vinyl pool fences sold by our competition are designed in such a way that children can pull apart the pickets and climb through.  They simply market a standard vinyl fence design as a pool fence.  The problem is, standard designs of fencing are not designed with security in mind.  The pickets do not have anything to make them stronger and the vinyl pickets can be bent or pulled apart allowing a child to slip in and drown.

We have done four things to make our pool fence safer than any other vinyl pool fence on the market.  First, we reduced the picket spacing from a traditional 4" on center to under 3" on center.  Second, we added a stiffener in every other picket to help prevent pickets from being spread apart and a child squeezing in.   Third, we don’t offer a middle rail on our pool fencing for a 5’ height fence. (An additional rail is sometimes added if the fence height is 6ft tall as the mid rail is at the 5’ height).  Fourth, we offer the highest quality adjustable hinges and locking latches so your gate may operate properly through the life of the fence.

We also offer an additional option to put a stiffener in every picket for those that really want to be sure that they have done all they can do to prevent a child from drowning.  To reduce costs, many companies don’t offer a stiffener in the picket, or add a middle rail so the pickets won’t pull apart as easy.  The middle rail creates a ladder and makes climbing over the fence easy.  Aesthetically, the middle rail eliminates the view of your beautiful pool.

Our company was founded in Arizona and we have installed hundreds, if not thousands of pool fences.  It is probably safe to say that we have sold more vinyl pool fences than any company in the country.  We have children, and we have designed a pool fence that doesn’t rust, looks great, stays cool to the touch in the hot sun, but it also keeps our children safe.  This is one of the main reasons why many HOA and Multi-Family Communities select our vinyl pool fence over other options.  We sell this fence confident that if a person chooses a vinyl fence as a pool fence, that our pool fence is the best pool fence on the market.

When purchasing a vinyl pool fence, make sure you have purchased a pool fence that is not just a picket fence, but a pool fence, designed with child drowning prevention in mind.  If you are comparing our fence with another company’s pool fence, you are not comparing apples to apples.  They are probably just selling you what you can find under our picket fence section.  We know you don’t want a picket fence, you want a pool fence.